Dr. William Shaw, Ph.D.

William Shaw, Ph.D. is the director of The Great Plains Laboratory for Health, Nutrition, and Metabolism in Lenexa, Kansas specializing in metabolic and nutritional factors in a wide range of human diseases but with a special focus on the causes of autism and PDD. The last ten years of Dr Shaw’s research have been devoted to research on the metabolic, infectious, nutritional, and immunological causes of autism. Dr Shaw has been the keynote speaker at the National Autism Society of America National Meeting, the National Meeting of the American Association for Environmental Medicine, and the National Meeting of the American Academy for the Advancement of Medicine and has spoken to numerous groups about autism and has provided medical training about autism in virtually every state in the United States and in England, Scotland, New Zealand, Indonesia, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, Chile, and Brazil. Dr. Shaw along with several co-authors recently published the second edition of his book “Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD. What’s going on? What can you do about it?”, a comprehensive and easy to read guide to the most current research and medical therapies for autism and PDD. This book has now been translated into French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, and Indonesian.
William Shaw Ph.D. received a Ph.D. in biochemistry, genetics, and human physiology from the Medical University of South Carolina. He is board-certified in both the fields of clinical chemistry and toxicology by the American Board of Clinical Chemistry. He has supervised large endocrinology, nutritional biochemistry, toxicology, and immunology departments in positions at the Center for Disease Control and Smith Kline Clinical Laboratories in Atlanta, Georgia. He was Director of Clinical Chemistry, Endocrinology, Organic Acid Testing, and Toxicology at Children’s Mercy Hospital, the teaching hospital of the University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Medicine, where he was an associate professor in the pathology department. Dr. Shaw has supervised the testing of over a million samples of blood and urine involving the use of virtually every modern technology in the field of laboratory medicine.

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