"Today, all of the major neurological diseases including autism, Alzheimer's disease, ALS, MS and Parkinson's do not have a known etiology. They represent the major failure of today's research institutions. They are modern man diseases and do not seem to be directly genetically inherited but to be caused by some unidentified, toxicant exposure. All attempts to look at heavy metal exposures, especially mercury exposure, as being involved in the etiology or exacerbation of these diseases is rigorously fought against by certain components of our government regulatory agencies in spite of both biological and epidemiological research implicating mercury as a major suspect for involvement."

Dr. Boyd Haley

At around 17 months old Benjamin said his last words which was by-by Baby, by-by baby, by-by baby, after about a year of speech therapy, not a word. Then we finally found out (on our own) about autism and started the GFCF diet when to see a Dan Dr. it was Dr. Susan Tanner in Atlanta, Ga., it was a few weeks later we were setting at McDonalds drive-thru & he said "CAR", we went wild, I was afraid we were scaring him so I got everyone to be quiet, it had been about a year and a half since Benjamin had said his last words, then I got him to say "KEY" then by going to the play ground putting him on the swing pushing him then catching him and saying 1, 2, 3, go swing him, catch him and saying 1, 2, 3, go swing him then catching him and saying 1, 2, 3, & then just holding him in the air and waiting for him to say go and then he said it, "GO" and that is one way we built up, words. It was getting close to Christmas and I ask my wife what she wanted for Christmas & she said "to hear Benjamin say I love you",,, wow,,, so I began, to cold to go to the play ground but I did have a rocking recliner that we could play in, I would get in the floor and hold him tell him to say "I" he would say "GO" we did this several times then he said "I", I would take him toss him to the back of the recliner (very carefully) and make a big deal over him saying "I" then we got "LOVE" and then we got "YOU" and after a few days we finally got it "I LOVE YOU" it was a pretty good Christmas that year.



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