Just a thought: If it turns out, that vaccines are injuring children and causing autism, ADD and ADHD. Think about the fact that this country has been shipping these vaccines overseas to other countries including third world countries. If we have caused a generation of children not only in this country but also in many other countries to develop autism, ADD and ADHD, then if you think these countries hate the U.S. now, just think if this turns out to be true. Imagine how these Counties will fill about the U.S. then.

Just a thought: If vaccines are injuring Children, would it not be BETTER if drug company’s would spend there money to help these Children instead of giving SO MUCH MONEY TO Politicians.

Just a thought: If vaccines are injuring Children, would it not be BETTER for Politicians to tell drug company’s, “don’t give your money to me spend your money helping children that have been injured by your product.”

Just a thought: Autism effect 1 in every 166 children. Many doctors, chemists and parents believe vaccines may be behind the epidemic of ADD/ADHD and Autism. If terrorists were suspected of harming 1 in every 166 children in the U.S., there would be unlimited resources devoted to researching the cause, cure, and how to stop the damage from continuing, BUT for some reason, since vaccines (Pharmaceutical Companies have contributed 76 million to politicians since 1990 28%Dems - 72%Repubs www.opensecrets.org/industries/indus.asp?ind=H4300 ) are suspected of harming 1 in every 166, there has been numerous Legislation/Bills pasted that have shielded the vaccine companies from legal action. In fact, if you try to sue a Vaccine Company, it will be thrown out of court, because you MUST first go through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

Just a thought: We have tried to keep mercury out of our water, out of our air, and even out of our landfills/dumps for many years. But for many years, mercury has been injected into our children through vaccines. (Many children have received 120 times the recommended daily allowance of mercury when they are vaccinated. Mercury is Toxic. Mercury is known to cause brain injury.) Does this make sense to anyone other then drug companys and the CDC?

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